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Faster, simpler Django content management

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Why Tango?

Because building a content-driven web sites with Django should be easy. Because you should be be able to build a Django web site in minutes, and know everything will work. Because your content management system shouldn't take over your project and force you to build your project around their cms.

Tango is the result of more than six years building content-driven Django sites, including sites for large publications. Like Django itself, it is designed to get a lot done, quickly and simply. Whether you just want a blog or your a professional on deadline, you need a content manager solves problems, doesn't create new ones, and works with the site *you* want to build.

Batteries included

Tango includes everything you need for a content-driven site, including:

There's even a Tango starter kit to get you up and running in minutes.

Is it ready for prime-time?

At this point, yes, if you're relatively fearless. Tango is still pre-release, but it's usable today. And we're just getting started. Much more is coming soon.